The Anglican Parish of St. Mary the Virgin, Blackburn

Part of the new 5 Point Parish: St. Marks Cumberland, St. Mary's Navan (Town) , Vars, Bearbrook

The Rev. John Wilcox / Assistant Curate - The Rev. Kristy Reimers-Loader

The Anglican Diocese of Ottawa

Be as Christ today!
Our Community seeks to make Christ known
by serving a world in need

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Welcome to our Sunday Service where all baptized Christians are invited to receive communion.

Presiding alternately:

The Rev. John Wilcox (Commander retired)

Assistant Curate The Rev. Kristy Reimers-Loader

** New Sunday Service Time 8:30am **

 Serving the areas of:

Blackburn Hamlet, Chapel Hill North, Bradley Estates and the Ottawa area.



Seniors Residence Services:

Blackburn Lodge

Cleroux Cr.

Blackburn Hamlet

2nd Thursday 2:00pm

each month


Innes & Bearbrook Rd.

Blackburn Hamlet

3rd Tuesday 2:00pm

each month

Messy Church, Saturdays

to be announced in October



Our Bishop John Chapman has announced his new plan for us. Our Parish, along with St. Marks, Cumberland, will join the 3 point Parish of Bearbrook, Vars, Navan,creating a 5 point Parish.

On August 17 we will have the opportunity to welcome our new Priest and Assistant Curate and get to know the other Parishes as well.

The Rev. John Wilcox (Commander Wilcox was formerly a Chaplan and Canon of the Anglican Military Ordinate) will be the Incumbent of those 3 points of the parish and Priest in Charge of our Parish and St. Marks.

The Rev. Kristy Reimers-Loader will be joining all of us as the Assistant Curate. Kristy was ordained to the transitional diaconate May 14 2014 and has graduated from St. Pauls University with her M.P.Th. degree this spring.

Events and Notices


Barbcue St. Mary's in Navan

1171 Smith Rd, corner with Trim.

Sunday Sept. 7 12:00pm

Hi Everyone

For the past number of years the Churches of Navan, Vars and Bearbrook have got together for a welcome BBQ at St Mary’s Navan on the first Sunday of Sept. This year with the amalgamation St Mary the Virgin and St Mark’s have been added to the mix. The BBQ begins around noon at St Mary’s and all are welcome to attend. If you would like to bring along a salad or desert it would be greatly received. Everything else will be provided. I recognize the short notice I have given you but hopefully we can get the word out so that those who wish to attend will be welcomed to do so. 



The parish plans to expand our
current church facilities to achieve
the following goals:

meet the needs
of the Anglican community in our
area; and provide additional space
for parish activities.
The Diocesan wide stewardship
initiative, Growing in Faith Together
(GIFT), will help us to achieve our
goals. This fundraising program
invites each of us to make a pledge
to our Diocese and our parish. The
money our parish raises will
support out expansion plan.


What is Messy Church?

Messy Church is one church's attempt to be church for families who might want to belong to their local church and bring up their children as Christians but can't cope with the traditional Sunday morning church services.

It's a once-a-month time of creativity, worship and eating together.


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St. Mary The Virgin Anglican Church

P.O. Box 47032
Ottawa, ON K1B 5P9

Church Location:

2750 Navan Rd.

2 minutes south of Innes Rd.

Telephone c/o the 5 Point Parish